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2018 Schedule at a Glance

11:00a-5:00pm Registration
 Lunch (on your own)
12:00p-1:00p Student Welcome Lunch
Crown Club
Students! Have lunch on us! The NNE conference committee invites all students to lunch! Make new connections! Learn about the conference and get your questions answered in a casual atmosphere with Recreational Professionals and some of our Exhibitors. This is free to any full time student registered for the conference. Make sure you check the student lunch box on the registration form.

1:00 - 2:15pm Keynote Speaker

“From the Bottom Up”
Speaker Chad Pregracke

Chad Pregracke, 2013 CNN Hero of the Year, is living proof that one person can make a difference. As the founder of America’s only “industrial strength” river clean-up organization, Chad Pregracke tells a  compelling, uplifting, and inspiring story about growing up on the river and how his river experiences led to his unique vision to clean up the Mississippi River and start an internationally recognized not-for-profit, Living Lands & Waters.
During his hour-long talk, Chad takes the audience out on one of the world’s greatest rivers – a journey filled with endless challenges and gripping adventures. His delivery is motivating, captivating, genuine and refreshingly spontaneous. Chad will relate his experience to your organization’s mission and vision while engaging the audience. Chad’s story will show you that one person can truly make a difference.

2:15 - 3:00pm Visit with the Exhibitors

3:15 - 5:45pm Institutes

Making Down-Time Fun-Time at Camp! & Impactful Activities to Make your Trainings Stickier
Speakers Jed Buck & Roz Buck, Roz & Jed Training & Consulting
Peregrine Falcon Room
2 sessions combined:  Part 1: We will teach a variety of creative games, activities, songs, and more that staff can use to easily transition down-time into fun-time and make every minute of the camp day safe, unique & special. Part 2: Experiential learning helps make any training more fun and impactful this session will provide a variety of tools that can be used to maximize the effectiveness of any training session.

Offsite Institute:  Programming with Conway Rec
Speakers John Eastman, Todd Gallagher & Mike Lane, Conway Recreation
Conway Recreation
John along with his assistant, Mike Lane and Teen Coordinator, Todd Gallagher will focus this institute on games for kids such as dodgeball, floor hockey, cornhole, Bingo and some other mystery games played by you---the Recreation Professionals.  Come dressed ready to participate in a fun filled afternoon.

3:15pm - 4:30pm Sessions

Secrets to Teaching Like a Pro!
Speaker Jim Reiser
Bald Eagle Room
Learn dynamic techniques that make learning more fun and engaging for your students. Not only will you learn WHY, you'll see HOW they work through real class examples embedded throughout the presentation!

Create a Successful, Cost Effective STEAM Program
Speakers Barb Johnson & Chris Pedro, Wicked Cool for Kids
White Tail Deer Room
This workshop will provide the foundation for building a comprehensive STEAM based program for K-6th grade.  Participants will create a series of hands-on, proven activities used in existing science programs.

4:45 - 6:00pm Sessions

A Positive Youth Development Approach to Recreation
Speaker Andrea Egmont
White Tail Deer Room
Come learn the basic principals of positive youth development and how to incorporate them into your recreation programs and after school programs. 

Designing Sustainable Splashpads
Speaker Barbara Lapierre, Vortex Aquatic Structures
Bald Eagle Room
As the demands for Splashpads grows, more and more design professionals need to be equipped with the knowledge to be able to design sustainable and state-of -the art zero depth solutions.
5:45 - 7:00pm Exhibitor Social

7:00-8:00p Dinner

8:00-10:00p Entertainment
After hours Hospitality Suite

7:00a-5:00p Registration
7:00a-8:45a Breakfast
9:00 - 10:15am Session I
Preschoolers Can Swim! Tricks to Teaching Preschoolers More Successfully
Speaker Jim Reiser
Fox Den Room
Preschoolers think differently, and should be taught differently. Jim Reiser will SHOW YOU how to bring your preschool classes to life using an activity-based, yet skill driven approach like you’ve never seen before.

Mastering the Media - Communication Techniques to Effectively Tell Your Story
Speaker Brenda Viola
Bald Eagle Room
Whether a reporter is on the phone or you are making a presentation at a public meeting, learn and practice the secrets to help you communicate your message effectively.

Creating a Culture of Customer Service
Speaker Sarah Kurtz McKinnon
White Tail Deer Room
In the best organizations, everyone works to make client's lives easier and better.  In this workshop, you will learn how "camp style" customer service will not only retain current clients, but attract new ones.

Healthy Parks, Healthy Communities
Speaker Ashwinee Kulkarni, Public Health Specialist
Black Bear Room
This session will discuss current initiatives to promote healthy food choices at state and municipal parks in NE.  Parks are an excellent opportunity for adults and children to participate in healthy activities including walking, biking, swimming, etc.  Having the option to choose healthy food options while engaging in these active behaviors enhances the role parks can play in health promotion...

Orientation Activities to Train Summer Camp Staff
Speakers Jed Buck & Roz Buck, Roz & Jed Training & Consulting
Peregrine Falcon Room
This highly interactive session will demonstrate a variety of activities that can be used throughout summer camp staff orientation to maximize learning and retention and create an exceptional staff orientation.
10:15-11:00a Vendor Visit
11:15am - 12:30m Session II
No More Tears! More Effective Parent-Tot Classes!  (Part 1)
Speaker Jim Reiser
Peregrine Falcon Room
Everyone WANTS Parent & Tot class, but VERY FEW know how to teach them successfully. Get an INSIDE LOOK on how your infant and toddler classes CAN become the talk of the town!

Trails Mean Business
Speaker Drew Pollak-Bruce, SE Group
Black Bear Room
Trails are an important and growing part of our work as recreation professionals, but their use and value as transportation facilities and economic development tools transcends our typical purview.  This session describes the overall trail master planning process and how participants can integrate it with other planning efforts in their community.  It also demonstrates how recreation professionals can describe the transportation and economic value of the trails in their community and provides participants with new tools and information that empowers them to elevate the conversation around these assets with their local decision makers.
Running on Empty-  How to go the extra mile
Speaker Brenda Viola
Bald Eagle Room
No one asks you to go the extra mile - you just DO, because that's what you're known for - passion, dedication and unwavering resolve to set the standard of excellence in your organization. But what if you're close to running on empty? Even superstars have battle scars and need to re-charge their batteries.  Learn the six secrets to getting your mojo back in this inspirational workshop. Be prepared for self-reflection and to create your own report card on key areas so you can fill up your energy tank.

 Avoiding the Parent Trap:  Working with Difficult Parents
 Speaker Sarah Kurtz McKinnon
 White Tail Deer Room
This enjoyable (and yes, funny!) workshop will discuss techniques to help you turn your most difficult parents into loyal promoters and keep you sane!
Overcoming "Rec-ism" - Promoting the Professionalism in Recreation
Speaker Donna Kuethe
Fox Den Room
Too often the outcome of our efforts i.e. play, fun and recreation diminish the professionalism that it takes to provide safe, effective programs and facilities which can result in making us less effective when it comes to such things as budgets, capital improvement plans etc. This session will address and provide strategies to promote our professionalism to be more effective in promoting ourselves and our departments

12:30-1:30p Lunch
1:45 - 3:00pm Session III
Leadership Secrets of the World’s Best Coaches
Speaker John O'Sullivan, The Changing the Game Project
Black Bear Room
Many people think coaching is all about the Xs and Os, but the best coaches in the world know it is about connection, communication, and trust. Your athletes don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Yet most "coaching education" focuses on the Xs and Os. This session discusses ways we can better educate our coaches so that our programs retain higher numbers of children in sport.
No More Tears! More Effective Swim Classes (Part 2)
Speaker Jim Reiser
Peregrine Falcon Room
Everyone WANTS Parent & Tot class, but VERY FEW know how to teach them successfully. Get an INSIDE LOOK on how your infant and toddler classes CAN become the talk of the town!
The Fear Factor: Minimizing Fear to Realize Your Goals
Speaker Brenda Viola
Bald Eagle Room
Fear is always a factor in life. While we can all aspire to the fearless pursuit of our goals, real life is about feeling the fear and acting in SPITE of it, which is the true definition of courage. Fear is often a great masquerader that can trick you into thinking you're being prudent; that can talk you out of thinking bigger; that can silence you when your voice is crucial - and that can shut down your ability to dream and hope for the future. If you've ever said, "That'll never change" or "That's just the way it always will be" know that such always and never statements are fueled by fear.  This course will teach you to:
  1. Recognize the disguises of fear
  2. Consider the sources of fear
  3. Establish a game plan to combat fear
  4. Strengthen the ability to act in the face of fear
Courage is a muscle that is exercised by use, but as author Brene Brown suggests, there is no courage without vulnerability. Those who wish to face their fears head-on and are willing to be vulnerable enough to address these bullies of the heart will find tools in this course to realize their own power (and start using it.)
Staff Appreciation - A Step by Step Plan
Speaker Sarah Kurtz McKinnon
White Tail Deer Room
This session will describe a framework for staff appreciation to prevent burnout, inspire staff members and show gratitude for everything they do. This in turn will enhance the experience for everyone involved!
For the Youth by the Youth
Speaker Renee Sangermano
Fox Den Room
Learn how to create and utilize a Youth Advisory Committee to expand program offerings to teens, develop a youth volunteer base, and teach career/leadership skills.

3:00-3:15p Break
3:15 - 4:30pm Session IV

Building a Values Based Youth Sports Program
Speaker John O'Sullivan, The Changing the Game Project
Black Bear Room
One of the biggest complaints we hear in youth sports these days is "These parents have no loyalty to our program!" Really, what are you giving them to be loyal about? If it is only about wins and losses, it is a transactional relationship, and of course, people will leave. In this session, John calls upon leaders to build transformational programs that deliver life skills and strong core values that will apply on and off the field for decades to come and gives some ideas on how to do just that.
Top 10 Youth Program Hiring Mistakes or Get out of the Office!
Speaker Sarah Kurtz McKinnon
White Tail Deer Room
This session will discuss common mistakes youth development professionals make while hiring as well as how to avoid those mistakes. We’ve all made bad hires; this session will help you make less and less of them!

Putting your Park Data on the Map
Speaker Esther Needham, Project Manager of Data Analytics
Peregrine Falcon Room
Learn the basics of mapping technology and GIS.  We'll do a hands-on session and show you how to enter your parks, facilities and trails data into the crowdsourced OpenStreetMap platform using a web browser. Please bring your laptop to this session.

COMMITTING Your Community to a Bond Vote
Speaker Lance Whitehead, AIA, RA, Senior Associate
Bald Eagle Room
The critical piece to a successful Community Engagement Plan is listening to everyone and creating solutions that respond to the community’s concerns. Focusing discussions on community participation and community values, as well as the process used to arrive at decisions, will justify the needs and cost. During this interactive session we will introduce you to the components of a successful Community Engagement Plan. You will emerge from this session knowing:
  • The importance of utilizing Strategic Planning to discuss the history, current opinions, and opportunities for building strong voter consensus
  • Which media best engages and informs the community of the project’s value and benefits
  • How to effectively engage the community, in design possibilities and alternatives, during the Public Charrette process
Net Generation - Join The Future of Tennis!
Speaker Eric Driscoll, Tennis Service Representative, USTA
Cougar/ Lynx/ Wolf Rooms
Net Generation is the USTA’s youth tennis brand that empowers program providers with the latest tools and adaptable curricula too welcome a new generation of players.
5:00p NHRPA Meeting
5:30-6:30p Cocktail Hour with Hot Appetizers
6:30-7:30p Dinner
7:30-9:30p Entertainment 
9:30-1:00a Hospitality Suite


8:00-9:00a Breakfast
9:00-10:15am Endnote
Creating a Player-First Environment in Youth Sports
Speaker John O'Sullivan, The Changing the Game Project
Youth sports is a constant state of change. From technology to facilities to new sporting opportunities, we can be overwhelmed by all the changes and lose sight of the things about sport that do not change. Yet when we focus on the three main things that do not change - why kids play, what children want from coaches, and that all kids have parents - we can devote our time, energy and resources to the things that truly matter and will sustain our programs for the long term.